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Residency & Visas Thru U.S. Investments

When you are a citizen of another country, starting a business in the United States is a large undertaking. To greatly increase the success of your endeavor, it is important to contact an attorney with a solid understanding of immigration and naturalization law.

Our firm will focus solely on the needs of individuals who wish to immigrate to the U.S. and the businesses who need them. Backed by his extensive knowledge of the law and processes, attorney Piedrahita and his associates will provide you with quality representation regarding investment visas. The firm serves clients throughout the United States and abroad.

Legal Assistance With Securing an Investment Visa

An investment visa (EB-5, E-1, or E-2) allows those who are not yet United States citizens the opportunity to develop a pre-approved business. This business must prospectively benefit the U.S. economy. In EB-5 cases, you and your dependent family members may file for permanent resident status.

The stipulations for an EB-5 investment visa or green card through investment include hiring at least ten authorized persons or citizens, as well as making a minimum financial investment. The minimum amount of investment for your business depends on the area where it is established: $500,000 for high-unemployment areas or designated regional centers or $1 million dollars for metropolitan areas.

Our immigration law attorneys can direct you to a list of permitted business investments. They will guide you through the necessary process and paperwork regarding your visa and potential permanent residency.

Contact a Knowledgeable Immigration Law Firm

For assistance with legal compliance regarding your business or for help obtaining a visa, you can rely on Piedrahita Law Firm, P.A. The firm was built on traditional values that carry over into today. The attorneys and staff provide personal service held to the highest ethical standards.

For detail-oriented representation of your investment needs, contact the firm at (954) 385-6811 or by e-mail to arrange a professional consultation. In-office and telephonic consultations are available.